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Big fan of social networking sites? Want to make your blog look like Pinterest, Facebook, or be an infinite scrolling grid of your posts? I searched the web for you and I can present to you the best WordPress themes I have discovered (so far).

Here's a list of my top picks of these styles of premium WordPress themes that you might like:

1. Pinboard: Pinterest-inspired.


2. Pinnaite: Another one in the style of Pinterest.


3. Wumblr: A Tumblr look-alike.


4. Grido: Tumblr-like theme.


5. Minblr: A minimal Tumblr-like theme.


6. Postline: Inspired by Facebook.


7. InstagalAt only $25, it's a steal! For Instagrammers. Instagram compatible. 


8. Formatica: Combination of Pinterest and Tumblr.


9. Hadron: Responsive grid blog theme. (You get 10% OFF for new account)


10. Urban: Responsive grid. Symmetrical. 


11. Simplicity Lover: Responsive, simple theme with Instagram and Pinterest photo sliders. (Don't forget: 10% OFF for new accounts)


12. Puzzle: Photo puzzle theme.


13. The Pastel Blogster: Pastel-colored posts grid (or pick your own colors).


14. Justread: Minimal grid theme.


15. Grafika: Infinite scrolling style. Minimal design.


16. Gridsby: Pinterest-style photo grid theme.


17. Cool Stuff: Default mode is masonry. Home timeline mode shown below.

coolstuff theme pic

I hope I have helped you find your new favorite theme!

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my links, I earn a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. Thank you!