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Big fan of social networking sites? Want to make your blog look like Pinterest, Facebook, or be an infinite scrolling grid of your posts? I searched the web for you and I can present to you the best WordPress themes I have discovered (so far).

Here's a list of my top picks of these styles of premium WordPress themes that you might like:

1. Pinboard: Pinterest-inspired.


2. Pinnaite: Another one in the style of Pinterest.


3. Wumblr: A Tumblr look-alike.


4. Grido: Tumblr-like theme.


5. Minblr: A minimal Tumblr-like theme.


6. Postline: Inspired by Facebook.


7. InstagalAt only $25, it's a steal! For Instagrammers. Instagram compatible. 


8. Formatica: Combination of Pinterest and Tumblr.


9. Hadron: Responsive grid blog theme. (You get 10% OFF for new account)


10. Urban: Responsive grid. Symmetrical. 


11. Simplicity Lover: Responsive, simple theme with Instagram and Pinterest photo sliders. (Don't forget: 10% OFF for new accounts)


12. Puzzle: Photo puzzle theme.


13. The Pastel Blogster: Pastel-colored posts grid (or pick your own colors).


14. Justread: Minimal grid theme.


15. Grafika: Infinite scrolling style. Minimal design.


16. Gridsby: Pinterest-style photo grid theme.


17. Cool Stuff: Default mode is masonry. Home timeline mode shown below.

coolstuff theme pic

I hope I have helped you find your new favorite theme!

social media fan themes

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my links, I earn a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. Thank you!



You just started a blog. Now what? Here comes one of the most exciting parts of setting up your blog: the search to find a blog theme that fits your blog’s style, content, and needs.

WordPress offers a directory of hundreds of free themes that you can access from within your WordPress Dashboard. Your choices, though, don’t have to end there. The WordPress themes available for you to choose from on many alternative sources, either free directories or theme shops, around the web are thousands and can cover all kinds of tastes. Find the perfect theme for your blog on this list of the best free and paid (premium) themes.

First, let me give you a few essential tips to help you make your choice easier.

Tip 1: Search for responsive themes only if you want your blog to be compatible with tablets and mobiles.

Tip 2: Always check the Demo (demonstration) of a theme you like to avoid disappointment later.

Tip 3: Read users’ feedback (comments, ratings) if available. It will help you find out if the theme is working properly.

Tip 4: Choose a premium (paid) theme to ensure you have better support services and no security issues.

Tip 5: Premium themes are regularly updated with new features and fixes, taking into consideration the users’ feedback. Your theme will be updated and working smoothly as fast as possible.

Tip 6: After you install a theme, you can preview it on your actual blog before you activate it. See how your content will look like and the placement of your widgets.

Here is a list of the best free sites and marketplaces offering quality WordPress themes:

Find free themes on:

> Your WordPress Dashboard. Go to ‘Appearance,’ click ‘Themes’ and then ‘Add new’ at the top of the page. You will see the official directory of free themes.

> All the newest, best free themes are curated for you. It includes themes for blogs, businesses, news sites, and more. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the categories. Click ‘Best themes’ on top of the page to see the Top-10 for the best ones. You can see the ratings of a theme on the right-hand side of the theme’s page.

> Junk-free, user-rated free WordPress themes. Also, you can search themes based on color selection (Go to ‘Browse themes’).

There are a lot of websites where you can get free themes, but I’m only suggesting you these as they are the safe, trusted choice.

Find free, as well as paid options on:

> Buy single theme for just $19, or buy membership at $19/month (with a 30-day money-back policy). 121 great themes, 19 of them free plus 32 plugins. 24/7 direct support! 415155 Happy Customers!

> Awesome drag and drop WordPress themes. Bonus: Buy any theme, get any second theme for FREE!  20% discount code instantly when you subscribe to the newsletter. Get All Themes for $89 only! 30-day Refund offered.

> 45+ Beautiful & original WordPress themes. Eye-candy designs.

>  : 30+ Free & Premium WordPress Themes plus plugins. Trusted by 471,039 users. Requires membership. It is the same price as buying a theme. At the end of the membership you can keep your theme but lose access to support and updates unless you upgrade. Lots of bonus perks like free 1-year shared hosting.

>  Sale 75% OFF: Download 55+ themes, pay $24 for 1-year of updates & support and get to keep the themes forever!  Or pay $49 for lifetime support! A small selection of the most beautiful looking Premium WordPress Themes on very affordable prices. Easily customizable themes and 35,000+ happy customers! Great value access to all 55+ themes!

>  1335 WordPress themes with prices ranging from $25 to $79. Lots of themes for shop websites such as Joomla and Shopify as well. Choose between 95 WordPress Plugins to add functionality to your site. Big amount of 5.2m happy customers!

>  Get 67 stunning WordPress themes! Want all of them? Get them all for just $99!

> envatomarket Market with a huge variety of 10,975+ WordPress Themes! Top quality themes (quality team checked) and great support. Prices as low as $2! A lot of unique themes. In this marketplace you can also buy amazing photographs to add to your blog posts here.

>  3,400 ready to use WordPress themes! Get themes for as low as $2 (really!). Create an account now and save 10% plus download 6 free products every week.

>  Free themes, as well as powerful Premium Themes for as low as $25 with free premium support and free updates forever!!! If you are an instagrammer you definetely want to check out this theme. Trusted by 100,337 users! In case you need help installing a theme, they will do it for you for only $15.

> 10 high quality WordPress themes. Get all of them for $49 on Annual Membership, or $99 Life Membership. Unlimited support from experts. If your membership expires you lose support and updates but keep the themes.

Happy theme-browsing! Hope you find your perfect theme!

Share with us your favorite theme in the comments!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my links, I earn a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. Thank you!