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In a previous article, I wrote about the Top 10 Most Popular Types Of Blogs. Those are the blogs that have the highest chances to become very successful. In this post, I will give you a list of random, less popular types of blogs you might have not thought about but could be the kind of blog you would like to create and would love to work on.

So, at no particular order, here are 30 random blog type ideas for you. You could choose to blog about any of those, or use them to get inspired to start brainstorming your own ideas until you find the one that suits you the most and seems fun to you to blog about.

  1. Photography tips (photography style, photo editing tutorials, camera reviews, software reviews)
  2. Interior design (decoration, furniture, home improvement, DIY)
  3. Men's fashion (clothing, shoes, watches, hair)
  4. Activism (environment, animal rights, and more)
  5. Renewable energy sources (solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy)
  6. Politics (breaking news, news commenting)
  7. TV and movie spoilers and episode reviews (ex. horror film reviews blog)
  8. Celebrity gossip news (movie premiere gossip, paparazzi photos, dating gossip, rumors)
  9. Teen advice (school, friends, relationships, style, trends)
  10. Dating tips (advice, tips, ideas)
  11. Student life (first apartment, moving, making new friends, managing study schedules, and more)
  12. Wedding/Party planning
  13. Marriage advice (communication skills, home economics, nights-out ideas, parenting plans,...)
  14. Self-improvement (positive thinking, stress relief methods/exercises, how to stop smoking, memory improvement, and more)
  15. Gardening (tutorials, tips, vegetable garden planning, etc)
  16. Knitting (tutorials, patterns)
  17. How to be a good ... [dog owner/trainer, secretary, sales person, and other]
  18. Marketing tips
  19. Car reviews
  20. Restaurant reviews
  21. Cycling (bicycle brands, gear, accessories, bicycle routes)
  22. Humor/Comedy/Funny
  23. Coin collecting
  24. Butterfly species (photos, information)
  25. Retro stuff (photos, products, machines, music, or other)
  26. Archeology (ancient tombs, old temples, ancient civilizations, etc)
  27. Science (examples: earth extreme weather phenomena, earthquakes through history, volcanoes)
  28. Genealogy (how to do your genealogical tree, DNA test results analysis, DNA science news)
  29. Bonsai trees (information, how to care, photos)
  30. Kite making

These, and many other types, could prove to be a good type of blog to create, that is interesting and informative, the kind of blog that the Internet waits for you to create and share with the world!

I think this list will give you some ideas to consider. Before you pick your blog type (topic) make sure you read my article on How to Find Your Niche In Just 4 Easy Steps to help you decide quickly which one of your ideas would be the best to choose! Then, you might also want to read my quick and easy naming your blog guide.

In the end, if your heart is into it, why not give it a chance? What if it is what the Internet was missing and your blog turns out to be very popular?! You never know. I say pick your favorite type and go start a blog 🙂